This can be done under the Requests tab. Typically you will set this to 2nd degree.

If you cannot find the answer to your query within these FAQs email and a Support Agent will respond within 24 hours.

Have you closed down your LinkedIn page? Hootiful will only work while LinkedIn is open. Check your Planner settings – Hootiful only works when the time is set to green in your Planner.

Yes. As long as you keep your LinkedIn page open Hootiful will continue to work in the background. You can minimize LinkedIn or open another tab to continue with other work on your computer and Hootiful will continue to make your connection requests.

Once you’ve configured Hootiful login to your LinkedIn account and search for people you wish to connect with. Then click on the blue owl ICON in the top right toolbar and from the Dashboard tab select Start Lead Requests.

Schedule the hours you want Hootiful to make connection requests under the Planner tab. Remember you are automating human activity so keep this random to mimic human behavior. Selecting a time will turn it green and make it active.

This can be done under the Requests tab. Typically you will set this to 2nd degree.

You can configure your personal message under the Requests tab. Personalize your message by using the [first] variable which will then include the first name of your recipients.

Under the Settings tab you can set the maximum number of connection requests per day. We recommend sending connection requests to no more than 3 – 5% of your total LinkedIn connections to build up your list.

Under the Settings tab you can set the time delay between the connection requests. This defaults to between 90 and 150 seconds but can be changed to suit.

Under the Dashboard tab you will find the number of connection requests Hootiful has made that day as well as the total number of connection requests made since Hootiful was activated.

Once you’ve installed Hootiful you will find the Hootiful Owl ICON in the toolbar, top right.

Follow the instructions under “Installation” on our website

This is the License Key that will be emailed to you once you purchase Hootiful.

Copy your License Key then paste it in API key which you will find under the “Settings” tab.

As soon as you’ve purchased Hootiful, you’ll be re directed to a page where you can immediately download Hootiful. This page will also include your license key. You’ll also be sent an email with the same information.

Hootiful is a powerful Chrome extension lead generation tool for LinkedIn.

There is no need to cancel your subscription it will not automatically renew each year. We will advise you your subscription is coming to the end and you can renew, when ready. We do NOT automatically charge your credit card.

Email and a support agent will answer any your question within 24 hours.

We recommend sending connection requests to no more than to 3–5% of your total LinkedIn connections. For example, if you have 1500 total LinkedIn connections, you can send 75 connection requests per day.

Absolutely, Hootiful is only simulating what you can do manually. There is no legal basis against you making connection requests using LinkedIn. LinkedIn may not like Hootiful and other tools doing this, but if you do not abuse it your account should be safe.

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